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10 Years of Nail Call!

Established in 2013, Nail Call is celebrating 10 years of outstanding service to 1000’s of happy customers! Women who surround themselves with positivity create an atmosphere of health and well being. Nail Call was created to reward and inspire women who surround themselves with just that, or are perhaps on their chosen path to get there.

Pregnant and unable to leave the house during my second pregnancy, I learned of the struggle both mentally and physically to get through most days. Having someone to come and help me through my dark moments, and create a small patch of beauty on my hands would have been a welcome relief. Unfortunately this service was yet to be conceived. Unaware as I was that I would soon be providing this service to women, brides, lasses and grandmothers within a couple of years, these memories were the foundations of my business today.

Having done nails and been creative as long as I can remember, I created everything Nail Call when I was unable to obtain full time work after recovering from my second pregnancy. It has been a winding road, full of hard work and obstacles, but every path has led me to where I am, and each experience making me stronger and healthier. (Though not always visible at the time!)

Now my friends, take time out, refine your skills, and find what it is that you love. Nail Call is here for you, and has so many exciting new paths to tread. Join us and build your business with us guiding you every step of the way.

Learn how to spoil yourself, maintain beautiful hands, or glam up for any occasion. Nail Call currently helps you with all of your manicure and pedicure treatments. Achieving the best results every time is paramount to Nail Call’s service philosophy and our services reflect that. They include acrylic and polylock shellac treatments, spa and detox pedicures where ever and whenever you need covering from the Hunter to Tea Gardens, Newcastle to Nelson Bay, or further afield for group bookings. Nail Call looks to fill both single and group appointments and was created to provide top quality product and service accessible to all ages at the best price

Working with the best in the field is important to ensure you have the best look achievable for every occasion. Nail Call has built relationships with other leaders in the beauty industry who are invited to work in Nail Call’s exclusive Pamper-Van and we are able to refer you to the best available service where ever you are.

Independence: financial, creative and the freedom to control your diary. We can make it happen.

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