Are you looking to start your own business and not sure where to start?

Do you want to move within the Nail Industry, but hesitate because it is a big scary world out there, and failure is not an option?

When the office takes over your life, it is time to say: I’m Driving! You will be literally driving your business to the next level, one day at a time! 


Sitting and waiting for your fabulous business to happen within the confines of your current schedule makes the change seem impossible?
Nail Call is the option that could make the best sense for you. We are raising the industry standard for customer satisfaction and are literally bringing the market to a new norm. If you believe you can do it, we will help you. You can work for yourself but not by yourself.
If this sounds like you, and working with like minded gal pals is your vibe, then let us help you on your journey.
It’s not an indulgence to be happy with your work; that’s why Nail Call can be a great opportunity for anyone: you will be in control of every part of your life! Start now, with a call to Heidi!
Success is imminent! Download our Nail Call Franchise Guide and complete the form below to start your journey! Nail Call Franchise Guide September 23

I was fortunate enough to have a catch up with Eden Exchanges. In this interview, I discuss my experience in the health and beauty sector, the why behind the Nail Call business, the franchise business opportunity and who would best suit a Nail Call opportunity. Check it all out here!


    What People Say

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    Heidi is such a gem! She's so professional and good at what she does while also making it fun for you. She did nails for myself and my bridesmaids the night before my wedding and we all had such a good time together. It felt like a group of friends catching up! We all absolutely loved our nails! Thank you Heidi!

    Dominika Mack

    I booked Nail call for my sister's bridal shower, having found her online from half a world away (in the US). Heidi was so very helpful, professional, and absolutely trustworthy. Her van came promptly to our venue, she worked fast and the manicures and pedicures were absolutely beautiful! I couldn't recommend her enough! Thanks again, Heidi!

    Kristine Tiuseco-Cruz

    I am a nail biter & when I messaged Heidi (and other nail professionals) she was the most responsive, positive & professional in her messages! I followed my instinct & this morning had my Australia Day themed Acrylic nails put on! Had a great time which was pain free, full of chatter & laughter! Heidi you are a delightful person & I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! Will recommend you Heidi & her service to anyone who asks!

    Leanne Sillick

    first time getting my nails done and i absolutely love them.. thank u so much xx and a relaxing environment.

    Tracey Batman

    I was so relieved to be able to find someone like Heidi who came to our wedding venue to do the girls nails on the morning of the wedding which made life so much easier! Not only was she amazing with our 4 year old flower girl, she was also so friendly, relaxed and fun to have around to keep nerves and wedding stress to a minimum. She also did a wonderful job, my nails are still going strong now, over 2 weeks later! Highly recommended!

    Lynsey Jenkins